Hotel Pre-Opening Period

A hotel pre-opening must be Professional and well planed!

H ow many times we hear that a developer feels that this is simple and easy! How many times we experienced that developers did not include this crucial period to the cash flow?
The fact is that your hotel or resort should represent its brand and image as of day one!
There is so much to do during this period.... finding the right manager, right accountant (asset control) right sales and marketing team, recruitment, selection, training, system development, system set-ups etc. etc

  • WHY? Because you want to be successful!
  • WHEN? 5-7 months before opening - anything else will be a struggle
  • BENEFIT: To have guests, proper staff, service and revenues

Sales and Marketing

It is possible to start sales and marketing just a few months before hotel opening, ... but.... that means you will have business mainly from OTA's for the first year!
Contracts with International Tour Operations are made almost one year in advance and it is equally crucial to have your website with high-quality 3D pictures or preferably pictures of mock up room up and running 6-8 months before you open your property.
You must also develop and be clear on 'what you like to sell' besides just rooms. Services, facilities, wow-factors, guest memories and guest experiences have to be clearly ready for any sales and marketing work as well.

Human Resources

Simple info

  • Advertise for employees needed! - Takes a month
  • Shortlist, interview, select employees! - Takes at least 2-3 weeks
  • Selected and accepted employees will need to resign from current employment! - one month in average
  • Employees almost always want or should take 1-2 weeks break before stating with a hotel opening
  • TOTAL TIME NEEDED = approx. 3 to 3 1/2 months

Now you should also think about the that when talking to any employee during interview process you should (MUST) already be clear on:

  • Employees Rules and Regulations
  • Employee Benefit for each level of employee
  • Salary scale
  • Service charge policy
  • Organization chart
  • etc

Not giving clear information - or giving wrong information - to your employees during recruitment and selection period will create lots of problem which will take you maybe years to recover

Purchasing, Systems and Services

To handle, develop, prepare and implement this, you will need to have departmental managers employed already! (and later on all other staff)

  • What is needed in all departments? Tools, Equipment etc...
  • Create service concepts for each department
  • Create Menus, drink lists, directory of services, in-house advertisement and all other printing and stationary
  • Select, install and train PMS system (Software for accounting, front office, reservation, food and beverage etc)
  • Receive, check, setup all times needed to run the hotel
  • TRAINING!!!!
  • and much more
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