Thailand Rental Pool Solutions

Rental Pool systems and management must be very detailed and transparent

R ental pool basically means you got several apartments in your condominium or several houses in your villa estate who wishes to rent out the property on a daily basis.
There are important points to consider! Can you legally do this? Do you have the areas and facilities to operate a hotel or resort in the area?

  • WHY? Because a long lasting business relationship is profitable for all stakeholders
  • HOW? Lets meet and learn each other vision, mission and dreams for best understanding
  • BENEFIT: Understanding each other dreams might well realize a bigger-better dream

3, 4 or 5-star?

Again, our success has been so far to develop our clients own YOUR brand!

If we work together we just ask to add 'managed by Andacura' below your hotel or rest logos at the property and all other sales and marketing material. Check our our dedicated website Andacura Hotels


The basics are often the most important ingredients for a good business relationship

For us, the basics are transparency, proper sales and marketing, proper human resource system, proper accounting, chemistry, trust and professionalism from all stakeholders

Our Management Style

We strongly believe in 100% transparency, international standards of hotel accounting and excellent ongoing verbal communication to update owners on important issues, progress and challenges.

We absolutely cannot handle favoritism and nepotism in the operation as this destroys the future of people and the business

We do not believe in 'family management'. Check out one of our well known articles writing about FAMILY MANAGEMENT STYLE

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