Top 10 Employee Complaints

So, what are your employees’ most serious complaints?
Knowing what makes employees unhappy is important for any manager or owner and half the battle when you think about employee satisfaction, morale, positive motivation, and retention.
It is most important to listen to employees and also to provide opportunities for them to communicate with managers.
If employees feel safe, they will most likely tell you what’s on their minds. Some might argue that Asian people will not tell you what’s on their mind, but we know from experience that this is not 100% correct and that your work culture must foster trust for successful two-way communication.
This list is made based on our extensive experiences in active hotel work, hotel audits and hotel management.

Higher salaries:
Pay is the number one area in which employees seek change. I mean, who cannot understand that? You can foster a better work environment in which employees feel comfortable asking for a raise. It’s your job as manager to be fair and accept if the employee got a point or explain with reasons why there will be no raise – this time.

Internal pay equity:
Employees are concerned particularly with pay compression, the differential in pay between new and longer term employees. In organizations, with the average annual pay increase for employees around 4%, employees perceive that newcomers are better paid – and yes, often, they are!
That why it is important that you check yearly the salaries offered by your competitors (for each position) and ensure you offer a fair system for this.

Benefits programs, health insurance, Paid Time Off / vacation days:
It is the managers responsibility that employee benefits are based on seniority AND performance!

Employees often say: “Too many chiefs, not enough Indians.”
Workplaces that foster employee empowerment, and broader spans of control by managers, will see fewer complaints. A popular word, micromanaging, expresses this better!

Pay increase guidelines for merit:
Employees believe the compensation system should place greater emphasis on merit, performance and contribution. Employees find pay systems in which all employees receive the same pay increase annually very demoralizing. Such pay systems hit the motivation and commitment of your best employees hardest!
As you may implement a merit pay system, one component is education so that employees know what behaviors and contributions merit additional compensation. Employees who did not must be informed ongoing by their manager about how their performance needs to change to merit a larger pay increase.

Human Resources department response to employees:
The Human Resource department needs to be more responsive to employee questions and concerns. In many hotels, the HR department is perceived as the policy making, policing arm of management. In fact, in forward thinking HR departments, responsiveness to employee needs is one of the important ingredients.

Employees want the perception that each employee is treated equivalently with other employees. The keywords we always hear is ‘we want fairness’.

Communication and availability:
Let’s face it. Employees really want face-to-face communication time with both their supervisors and executive management. This communication helps them feel recognized and important. And, yes, your time is full because you have a job, too. But, a manager’s main job is to support the success of all his or her reporting employees. That’s how the manager magnifies their own success.

Facility cleanliness:
Employees want a clean, organized work environment in which they have the necessary equipment to perform well. Employee lockers should be well ventilated, employee restaurants should be cozy and welcoming.

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