Mai-BS (Thailand) supports Pai Island Resort.

Press Release:

Mai-BS (Thailand) signed a hotel consultation agreement with Pai Island Resort at world renowned northern sub-tropical Thai city of Pai.

The deluxe 5-star boutique resort offers the most unique villas in the northern part of Thailand and Mai-BS (Thailand) assignment is to support the owners and management to refine internal operational systems, service concepts, re-work the website and implement a sustainable e-marketing system, CRM and Human Resource strategy.

“The owner’s long term plan is not only to maintain being the leading deluxe resort at Pai which is in Mae Hong Son Province, but also to be a trend setter in our competitive upscale market.” said Mr. Kevin Sund the Business Manager of Pai Island Resort.

“Mai-BS (Thailand) will ensure that new sustainable service concepts and systems will guarantee and even higher number of return guests for this romantic deluxe hideaway resort in the sub-tropical mountain city of Pai.” said Klaus R. Rauter, the Managing Director of Mai-BS (Thailand).

“We are extremely proud having been selected and appointed as consultant for this gem of a hotel where every single guest can feel and see the passion and love for true Thai hospitality shown by the owners, considering all the attention to details, the design and the focus on the guests ultimate comfort and privacy.” Mr. Klaus R. Rauter added on.


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