About Mai-BS (Thailand)

Mai-BS (Thailand) and Andacura Hotels & Resorts is owned by Karl&Erna Company Limited,  is a registered company limited with offices in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand.

Mai-BS (Thailand) provides hotel and resort solutions through its group of businesses

  • Hotel Consultation (Feasibility studies, design support, pre-opening, opening, operational support, sales and marketing, human resources and much much more)
  • Rental Pool Solutions and Management

Andacura Hotels & Resorts is an expert boutique hotel management company creating memories and experiences for guests besides solid systems and service concepts which in return create better occupancies and rates in your hotel or resort.

Please visit http://mai-bs.com or simply contact us through info@mai-bs.com for more detailed information.

Thank you

Klaus R. Rauter

Managing Director

2 thoughts on “About Mai-BS (Thailand)

  1. Do you have any DVD on F&B professional services in hotel in Thai language for sell ?

    Please contact Stacy at 02-6561260 ext. 128

    1. Dear Khun Stacy Tan
      We do not have a DVD as such for sale.
      Our services for F&B are as follows:
      Standardized F&B Manual (which we have, but not recommend as operations and services differ from hotel to hotel)
      Standardized Bar Manual (which we have, but not recommend as operations and services differ from hotel to hotel)
      Preparation of Customized F&B Manual and SOP’s; but this will need one full day audit of the operation, to understand issues and challenges. (SOP’s with written system on how to develop the SOP’s further, how to implement, display, follow up, check etc)
      Training to implement F&B Manual and/or SOP’s
      F&B Service Training Courses
      F&B Menu, Beverage and Wine List preparation including recipe making system and forms – Menu preparation includes Recipes and on-side sample dish cooking with picture taking and recipe preparation.
      Professional Kitchen and Bar design.

      As you are from Best Western Hotel Group, you may like to know that Mai-BS (Thailand) is also the Owner Representative for Best Western Sawaddi Patong.
      Thank you for your contact and please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information if needed.
      Best wishes
      Klaus R. Rauter
      Managing Director

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