Our best creation ever!

We are proud to announce our best ever creation by Mai-BS (Thailand)

Thailand Hotel Designs
The first TRUE boutique resort at Phuket
mai-bs, nook-dee
Best creation every by Mai-BS (Thailand)
By Mai-bs
By Mai-bs

Mai-BS (Thailand) did prepare the whole design brief and concept for the architects to create NOOK-DEE Boutique hotel at Phuket. The outcome of hard work with the architect and owners is fantastic!

Nook-Dee will be truly the first REAL Boutique Resort at Phuket, Thailand and will be a trend-setter in innovative services, concept, and service behavior of employees.

Currently we are working on a new unique concept for another boutique resort which will very different, but equally stunning and unique.
Developers start to wake up (finally) and understand that the only way to success in hotel and resort operations is a unique product, unique services and a solid concept. Basically every hotel and resort must have a ‘heart and soul’.

Watch this space for the next unique trend-setting resort creation by Mai-BS (Thailand)
Kind wishes
Klaus R. Rauter
Managing Director
http://mai-bs.com | http://andacura.com | http://sea-hotelier.com

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