Nook-Dee Boutique Resort Under New Management

Andacura Hotels did take over the management of famous Nook-Dee Boutique Resort at Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand.

Nook-Dee Boutique Resort is a boutique resort offering 68 luxurious sea-view rooms.

The well-known resort welcomed its first guest in November 2015 and has since then established itself as a very serious competitor to traditional resorts in Phuket because of its amazing mind-blowing design and concept. Other facilities in the resort worth mentioning are the wellness center, one banquet room, a modern gym, the beautiful infinity-edge ocean-view pool, ‘Roydee’ concept-restaurant, one pool bar and an amazing sunset-terrace which will open later this year.

Noo-Dee Seaview Rooms 301_4 lobby

Nook-Dee Boutique Resort core concept is to let all its stakeholders and guests rediscover the real charms of Thailand.

“We are so happy to have ‘Andacura’ Hotels and its Managing Director Mr. Klaus R. Rauter taking now care for our beloved and stunning boutique hotel.” the owners of the resort said. “The design brief and concept work for our resort has been developed by Mr. Klaus R. Rauter himself so our architects and designers could build this charming hotel. Thanks to this, we have now one of the most amazing resorts in Thailand which we will now re-position to be the leading 5-star boutique hotel in Thailand and obviously ‘Andacura’ Hotels is the best choice to deliver results knowing the concept best” the owners added.


“We are very proud to manage Thailand’s most beautiful deluxe boutique resort” said Mr. Klaus R. Rauter, Managing Director of ‘Andacura’ Hotel Management. “The property is amazing and we are all very proud for our creation. Over the coming month’s we will be implementing and refining the service concepts, and we will also implement the original dream and its business plan to ensure Nook-Dee will be among the top resorts in Thailand. Yes, Nook-Dee Resort will be re-positioned to be the best choice 5-star boutique hotel and to be known being the ‘one-and-only’ real boutique resort in Thailand where the design, interior, services-concepts, marketing plan, human resource systems and all its managers and staff follow all the same vision and dream which is simply to be the most respected and recognized ‘True Boutique Property’ in Thailand” Mr. Klaus added.


Editor Note:

Andacura Boutique Hotel Management is the managing arm of its mother company Mai-BS (Thailand) Hospitality Group.

Mai-BS (Thailand) Group is known as Thailand’s leading hotel consultant, supporting developers in all areas of hotel development and set-ups and with a strong focus on creating most unique hotel and service concepts in Thailand.


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