Need a Bank Loan for your Hotel or Resorts in Thailand?

We know from experience that many people do struggle and are confused on what documents are required when applying for a loan with Thai banks in order to develop a hotel or resort – or refinance their property.

Today we post for you a detailed list of what you will need to prepare before contacting any bank for a meeting.

We highly recommend you to avoid using certain people who tell you that they know the bank managers or do know some kind of influential people who can ensure you that your loan application will be approved “if” you pay a certain amount of money in advance to cover their expenses and pay others.

Please download your list here.

Mai-BS (Thailand) can support hotel investors, owners and developer with bank-loan applications, feasibility studies, business plan etc. and also arrange appointments with bankers.

We sincerely hope this will help you

Klaus R. Rauter

Managing Director

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7 thoughts on “Need a Bank Loan for your Hotel or Resorts in Thailand?

  1. This is great information, I am sure and know that there are lots of investors and buyers who struggle with securing bank loans.
    Many people still think that you can get a bank loan with connections only with is not true
    Good info, Thank you

  2. Dear sir, what is the Loan to value i can expect for a hotel loan in bangkok ? or how much financing ?

        1. It is very much depend on property, debts and deal with the banks….
          best is to contact us through to explain us more so we can give best (and correct) answers to you

  3. we are land owner and we have 130 acres of land with 200 meters beachfront in Hua Hin , Thailand.
    We are looking for a loan USD 300 million to build 4 star hotel and condominiums.
    Please kindly help us how to secure the above loan for the development of our project.

  4. I need loan for my clients who are running factories and mining projects in Myanmar.Can you please explain me how can I get loan,if so I need term and condition.

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