First 5-Star Hotel App Delivered In Thailand

Mai-BS (Thailand) did deliver the first prime smartphone app for Page 10 Hotel at Pattaya, Thailand.

This is an application which actually makes money for hotels and resorts – besides providing excellent information and service and to your guests.

The first client is Page 10 Hotel, and the app can be downloaded at Google Play Store (Store for Android applications) using search words ‘Page 10 Hotel’.

Of course we did not forget our iPhone users, and the app for Page 10 Hotel will be available in just a few days for download.

However, our Android users can download it right now from their phones or pre-view the application at (fully compatible with the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and the soon to be released Jelly Bean update by Android.

If you like to learn more about this stunning application, check out a presentation at

Mai-BS (Thailand) has reviewed many hotel smartphone applications available here in Thailand and most focus on providing just good information to guests, but this application does also provide great ways to generate money for the business, besides offering excellent information to guests.

Mai-BS (Thailand) is proud having being selected to be authorized agent for ‘HotelMobile’ in Thailand. ‘HotelMobile’, developed and constantly refined, is most properly the most advanced, stable and user-friendly smartphone application available to date.

For any information you may need, please contact us through

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