10 Tips For Hotelier for 2013

The following 10 basic tips are written based on the challenges and issues we, Mai-BS (Thailand) hotel consultants, experienced in 2012. We hope you will like it!

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1. Review… and review even more!

Every year brings some new trends, new expectations and new ideas….. and sometimes a new manager!

It’s very important for every manager and leader to review often all service offerings, work closely with related heads of departments and especially with fiancé department to ensure expenses are in control!

Serious reviews of guest comments comfort and expectations should be done at all times!

2. Listen….. and listen even more!

How often we experience that nobody wants to listen? How often managers already prepare answers, advice and orders for employees before the employee even finished talking?

How often we not even listen properly as we believe we know the problem before we understood the true problem! Please listen to your staff the way you (should) listen to you guest!

3. Communicate…. and communicate even more!

A good leader or manager MUST have excellent communication skills to ensure subordinates at all times understand 100% of what is expected, what has to be achieved and in what direction the company is moving! – Simply ask your people to repeat instructions! You will be surprised how often your message was not clear enough!

4. Inform ….. and inform even more!

Your people need information to do their job! Information never hurts and the more you give the easier you’re your working life will be! It starts with a proper ‘new employee’ orientations teaching those new employees just about everything the business has to offer and your expectations, and it continues with informing your employees on ALL guest, operations, service and system related issues.

 5. Train…… and train even more!

But do it right!!! To train people is not everyone’s strength! That’s why you have to separate ‘general teaching ’ from ‘on-job training’! Being able to teach is a gift! A good teacher excites people and makes people eager to learn even more! From the way of greeting, body language, how to walk, how to talk, how to act etc!

On the job training should be done by the relevant department head to train (and teach) people on skills and products.

 5. Question…. and question even more!

Question people on everything! From a simple ‘how was your day’ to ‘how did you do that’; from ‘how can I help you’ to ‘how can we solve this’ etc! People like to be involved, most of the time your employees will know more then you on the true likes and dislikes of guests and employees!

6. Praise….. and praise even  more!

OK, this should be not misunderstood! ‘Fake praise’ will backfire to you! – BUT, ….. if your people did a good job, achieved a target, solved a problem, made an extra effort etc… praise and thank them sincerely for a job well done  and let them know specifically what you did appreciate!

7. Care…… and care even more!

Genuinely care for your people and guests! Hospitality, care and service come from the heart and you cannot fake it! People will know if you fake ‘Care’!

It is a basic requirement for hoteliers to truly understand the words ‘hospitality’ ‘care’ and ‘service’! Never forget, you got not only ‘external customers’ but also ‘internal customers’

8. Promote…. and promote even more!

Yes, promote your business at all times! New menu, new managers, new service offerings, new packages, new whatever!!! – Have a Facebook page for internal employee information and one for your external customers! Write press-releases, write on blogs, and write articles! Utilize the true power of the internet!

9. Smile….. and smile even more!

Who likes to work for a grumpy person? Smile, smile with your eyes and heart whenever you can and whenever you should! How often we complain that our employees are not friendly and smile? Be a good example!

10. Sleep, sleep ….. and sleep even  more!

Yes, often, hoteliers don’t get enough sleep, but if you can, you will work more effective and efficiently! You will make better – and faster- decisions! You will be in a better mood! You will be a better hotelier!

Klaus R. Rauter

Managing Director | Mai-BS (Thailand)

http://mai-bs.com | http://sea-hotelier.com



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